George Müller: Hero of the Faith
5/19/2017 12:05:00 AM by: Cheryl A. Elton

George Müller is a true hero . . .

May we all have the kind of simple trust in God his life depicted!  
Best known as a man of great faith and prayer—who talked to God about everything, and expected God to answer every prayer—his uncomplicated trust for every daily provision is inspiring.
Müller’s greatest passion was to show with open proofs that God could be trusted with the practical matters of life.
His life served as a testament that God hears and answers prayer. 
During his lifetime, George Müller cared for more than 10,000 orphans as the director of the Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England. He also provided Christian education to over 120,000 children in the 117 schools he established.
During his 66 years in ministry he not only pastored the same church, but also prayed in millions of dollars for the orphans.
Yet Müller never asked anyone for money! He took no salary, had no loans and no debt, and never held a fundraiser.
He asked no one but God for money! 

He trusted God to work in people’s hearts to send what was needed.
And guess what? He did!
When 70, Müller fulfilled his dream of missionary work, and until age 87 travelled to 42 countries, preached on average once a day, and addressed three million people.

Müller quietly died in his bedroom at age 92, after holding a prayer meeting the night before.

A life well lived, wouldn't you say?
“There has never been a single day I have failed to get an audience with the King,” Müller said.

At Kingdom Faith Ministries Int’l (KFMI), we draw much inspiration from the life of George Müller. 

Just a week ago the bank account was nearly empty. Funds were still needed for the two schools of ministry in Zambia this month, travel expenses, and the final payment on the current 2,000 CD order.
Never late, the Holy Spirit moved and a sizable donation came in—just in time!
Like Müller, KFMI does not believe in soliciting funds. Nor do we have any paid staff. We seek to go through only those doors the Lord opens, and wait for people to come alongside to help who are genuinely inspired by revelation from God.

KFMI also seeks to conduct ministry in a way that proves day by day that God is real, trustworthy, and answers prayer. 

And as Müller said of his work with orphans, we say of ours: May all the glory go to Him!
(For more on “How We Do Ministry,” based on wisdom gleaned through the years, see Our Principles, under the About tab on our website.)

Throughout his life George Müller devoted much time to prayer. Again and again he saw needs met—from basic provisions at the orphanage, to having fog lifted while at sea so he could make an appointment.
Likewise at KFMI, prayer is the fuel of our ministry! We rely on those who know how to access our Heavenly Father in His throne room. 

Our lead pastors in Africa and many others are on their knees often in prayer for God to supply for His work, one need at a time. 

Daily prayer support—not only for necessary funds but all our current work: Schools of Ministry, translations, all the wonderful pastors and their churches who are hearing the message, our leadership—is valued as much as any financial help.

George Müller truly was a hero of the faith in many ways. 

Let’s strive to see his legacy live on through our lives, as we each live and carry out our personal ministries in ways that display our trust in God and glorify Him!


P.S. If you would like to support KFMI through prayer, we invite you to be part of our Prayer Team.


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